C-1 Program List  (Revised 10/1999)


  Ah So  


  Alter the Wave  





Beaus and Belles Naming Convention  




(from all appropriate formations)  




Block Formation, such as:



a Partner Trade  
b Partner Tag  
c Pass Thru  
d  Touch 1/4  
e Star Thru  
f Walk & Dodge  
g Square Thru  
h Wheel Thru  
  Butterfly Formation/Concept, such as:  
a Circulate  
b Split Circulate  
c Walk & Dodge  
  Cast Back/Cross Cast Back  
  Chain Reaction (from various formations)  
  a Circle By (with fractions)  
  Concentric Concept, such as:  
a From starting DPT: Star Thru, Slide Thru, Pass In/Out, Touch 1/4  
b From completed DPT: Chase Right, Shakedown  
c From tidal wave: Recycle, Ah So  
d From tidal line: Wheel & Deal, Turn & Deal, 1/2 Tag  
10   Counter Rotate  
11   Cross and Turn  
12   Reverse Cross and Turn  
13   Cross By  
14   Cross Chain Thru/Cross Chain and Roll  
15   Cross Roll to a Wave/Line  
16   Diamond Chain Thru variations:  
a (Anything) Chain Thru, such as:  
b Inpoint Triangle Chain Thru  
c Interlocked Diamond Chain Thru  
17   Dixie Diamond  
18   Dixie Sashay  
19   Flip the Line 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full  
20   Follow Thru  
21   Follow Your Neighbor variations:  
a Chase Your Neighbor  
b Cross Your Neighbor,  
c Grand Follow Your Neighbor  
22   Galaxy Formation/Galaxy Circulate  
23   Interlocked Diamond Formation:  
24   Interlocked Diamond Circulate  
25   Cut/Flip the Interlocked Diamond  
26   Jaywalk  
27   Linear Action  
28   Magic Column Formation/Concept, such as:  
a Circulate  
b Split Circulate  
c Walk & Dodge  
d Transfer the Column  
29   Make Magic  
30   O Formation/Concept, such as:  
a Circulate  
b Split Circulate  
c Walk & Dodge  
31   Pass the Axle/(Anything) the Axle  
32   Percolate  
33   Phantom Formation/Concept, such as:  
a Couples Circulate  
b Cross Over Circulate  
c Tag the Line  
d Turn &amamp; Deal  
e Wheel & Deal  
f Ferris Wheel  
g Acey Deucey  
h Trade the Wave  
i Recycle  
j Ah So  
k Circulate  
l Trade Circulate  
34   Recycle variations:  
a All 8 Recycle  
b 2/3 Recycle  
c Split/Box Recycle  
35   Regroup  
36   Relay the Shadow  
37   Relay the Top  
38   Reverse Explode (from waves)  
39   Rotary Spin  
40   Rotate/Single Rotate  
41   Reverse Rotate/Reverse Single Rotate  
42   Scatter Scoot  
43   Scatter Scoot Chain Thru  
44   Scoot and Little/(Anything) and Little  
45   Scoot and Plenty/(Anything) and Plenty  
46   Scoot and Ramble/(Anything) and Ramble  
47   Shakedown  
48   Siamese Concept  
49   Split Square Thru variations:  
a Split Square Chain the Top  
b Split Dixie Style to a Wave  
c Split Dixie Diamond  
50   Square Chain the Top  
51   Square the Bases  
52   Squeeze  
a Squeeze the Galaxy/Hourglass  
53   Step and Flip  
54   Step and Fold  
55   Stretch Concept  
a Such as: Recycle, Ah So, Turn & Deal   
56   Swing and Circle 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full  
57   Swing the Fractions  
58   Switch the Line  
59   Switch to an Interlocked Diamond  
60   T-Bone Formation, such as:  
a Circulate/Split Circulate  
b Scoot Back  
61   Tagging Calls Back to a Wave  
a Flip Back  
b Tag Back to a Wave  
c Vertical Tag Back to a Wave  
62   Tally Ho  
63   Tandem Concept, such as:  
a Touch 1/4  
b Hinge  
c Scoot Back  
d Swing Thru  
e Walk & Dodge  
64   3 by 2 Acey Deucey  
65   Triangle Formation/Triangle Circulate  
a Inpoint/Inside/Outpoint/Outside Triangles  
b Tandem-Based/Wave-Based Triangles  
66   Triple Box Concept, such as:  
a Circulate  
b Counter Rotate  
c Right & Left Thru   
d Scoot Back  
e Shakedown   
f Touch 1/4   
g Walk & Dodge   
h Wheel Thru   
67   Triple Cross  
68   Twist the Line  
  a Twist and (Anything)  
69   Vertical Tag 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full  
70   (Anything) to a Wave, such as:  
a Square Chain Thru to a Wave  
b Square Chain the Top to a Wave  
71   (Anything) and Weave  
72   Wheel and (Anything)  
a Reverse Wheel and (Anything)  
73   Wheel Fan Thru  
74   (Anything) the Windmill, such as:  
  Mix the Windmill In  
75   Zing